Gibson L-5


Top-of-the-line archtop guitar , this L5 is in excellent condition and sounds amazing. The neck is quite typical of this period at Gibson, rather fleshy and round. The tuners are original Sealfast. The currently mounted pickguard is a reissue. No repair, no break. It can be noted that a finish touch-up was performed next to the pickguard attachment on the side (see photos). No holes there but a meticulous owner certainly found it necessary make it clean after a some kind of rash. A light overspray was then applied over the entire instrument to keep a uniform appearance. Fairly light since it allows the UV lamp to see the bottom layer in some places. The guitar sounds great, it’s a real pleasure to play. The projection is very impressive, it’s a really powerful guitar. Comes in a Gibson hard case from the early 1960s.


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