Dick Knight


Dick Knight is a legend. The man worked for the Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin etc…He was taking care of the McCartney Hofner Bass. He used to be Selmer’s luthier back in the day. Before that he made a couple of extremely well made arch top guitars. Production was very limited, and as you can they are not instrument you can build in a week. There is an insane amount of work in this instrument. This is absolutely not the same as the 70s guitars that were built under is name. The woods are just gorgeous. Look at the back. The neck junction is quite something too. Dick performed a small repair on the bottom of the treble side, you can not see it, just feel it when you touch it with your hand, like a little hump. very minor but it’s there. I mention it for the sake of exhaustivity. It has a Dearmond that sound sabolsutely fantastic. The guitar is pure joy with acoustic and electric, the neck is straight and plays effortlessly all the way up and down. The case also is worth mentioning. It’s embroidered with a beautiful paisley pattern and protect the guitar very well. Don’t miss this guitar , there is none other for sale and you won’t see one any day soon.


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