Gibson Hummingbird


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Iconic guitar of the 60s, so many bands have adopted it. The Rolling Stones were fans, Keith Richards very often used a Hummingbird during recording sessions. This is just one example among many. This particular model is in good condition and plays well. The neck angle is good. The action is 2.3mm at the high E and 3.1 at the low E. It had a neck reset, very discreet and the finish is not cracked at the heel. Note a small crack on the top which has been well repaired and which will not move. The frets were just slightly leveled so it plays well all the way up and down. The guitar has been played a lot as you can see, it has some dings here and there but it ‘s still a pretty good looking guitar don’t you think? It is an instrument that sounds really well and which will appeal to collectors and players. Comes in period correct Lifton case.


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