Weissenborn Style A


This parlor was recently overhauled by Florian Chateau, luthier specialized in Weissenborn guitars. He just gave it a neck reset, arefret and reconditioned the original bridge (by adding an extra layer to the bottom since the top of it had been shaved a bit, precisely to avoid a reset). This instrument dates from the first Weissenborn era and has the famous label with Hermann Weissenborn posing for the photo. Also note the parallelogram on the fingerboard. It’s a light and very open guitar with a typical Koa grain and a very good attack response. The V-neck is very playable since it has just been put back at the right angle and this combined with a refret (bar frets like it’s supposed to have) gives a really impressive result. Once again Florian Chateau has revealed the full potential of this guitar and it’s amazing. Comes with an old hard case.


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