Martin D-28


It had been a few years since I had offered you a D-28 in Rio, the last one was a 68 model. They are quite hard to find. This one dates from 1960. Made in the old factory, it has brazilian rosewood back and sides, an ebony bridge and fingerboard. The bridge pins with tortoise inlays are original. The top is in good condition. Note 2 repaired cracks on the bass side of the top and also one on the treble side. The finsih has heavy weather checking and the guitar looks really cool. The action is great even though the guitar hasn’t had a neck reset, and it still doesn’t need one. The action is good, the intonation is very sharp. The tone is incredible, it’s a very open guitar, one of the most balanced we’ve heard. Few dreadnaughts can stand the comparison, the bass is present without being omnipresent. The highs are very clear and so pleasant. It’s simply beautiful. To top it off, the guitar comes in its original hard case also in excellent condition. Don’t miss it, a nice and good sounding D-28 from this era is a rare bird and it won’t stay aroud for too long.


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