Jazz Bass Olympic White


Completely original instrument which has only had one owner in the Nantes area (and we even have some papers and photos) The original Olympic White finish has turned a bit yellow as usual. All the solders are intact and the electronics have never undergone the slightest intervention. The 2 original pickups are gray bottom and have not been rewound. The solders of the insulating metal plates inside have not been touched and also attest to the originality of the finish. Uncommon thing the metal parts seem to have reacted with the finish in multiple places, unless it is related to excessive heat who knows, the most visible is at the level of the serial number plate and around the covers. Strange but which does not call into question the originality of the varnish since the electronics have never been taken out. Similarly, the neck pocket is still the same way it left the factory. The instrument is joy to play and mounted with flat wound strings. Always has been. It is a well balanced and very complete instrument. Every bassist’s dream. Comes with the correct Fender case.


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