Gibson Les Paul Custom


This cool Les Paul Custom is part of the series produced between the last quarter of 68 and the end of the first quarter of 1969. The 2nd run. It therefore has characteristics close to a 50s Les Paul : a one piece mahogany neck, a one piece body on which is glued a maple top with central joint (you can see it between the 2 pickups), long tenon which is far from being a detail, no volute. Hold on well 3.9 kg! It’s simply the lightest Les Paul I’ve ever had. Under 4kg ! I had never seen that before, we are more often around 4.3kg-4.6kg. Which makes a great difference, and I know how weight is a key point for you guys. It is not heavy. The guitar is in good condition, with no neck repairs, and no breaks. The tuners buttons have been replaced and a mini switch between the knobs has been removed. The electronics have not been altered because all the solders are clean and look original. The knobs date from the second week of 69. Original Sprague bumble bee capacitors, again as in the 50s. Serial number 559077. The guitar has been refretted and plays like a fretless wonder. Just Perfect. Oh and yes of course it sounds good, it’s a really good one. Comes in a 80s Les Paul hard shell case.


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