Gibson LG-2


One of the store’s favorite models. The LG-2 production began in August 1942 at a time when Gibson, like the rest of American industry, was mobilized for the war effort. The use of critical materials such as metal remains very restricted and regulated, which will lead to the absence of truss rod on guitars. The model presented here has therefore recently been the subject of a neck reset by Florian Chateau, which gives it the perfect angle and playability.. The action is low and comfortable. The neck is round and pretty fat. It’s an instrument that sounds really, really good. The finish has weather checking all over. A split have been stabilized on the back as you can see in the pictures but other than that it’s in pretty nice condition. No crack on top and sides. The bridge is original. Rectangular maple neck block, typical thing for 1943. Kluson tuners on thin plate, again saving metal. Banner logo in good condition. Comes in a 1950s faux croc case.


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