Gibson L-5


The L-5 is still one of the absolute benchmarks in archtop jazz today. This model dates from the end of 1936, beginning of 1937. Probably rather 1937 with this type of tailpiece. The instrument is in excellent original condition. Without breakage or repair. It sounds divine. It is also very easy to play. Superb original sunburst finish. The guitar can be sold either as an acoustic (11000) or with the Dearmond Rhythm Chief that you can see in the photos (11900). The original pickguard, slightly warped but intact is stored in the case. Identical Grover Sta-tites G98 post war tuners without additional holes. The currently mounted modern pickguard has been slightly cut out to accommodate the pickup. This instrument is one of the emblems of the Gibson brand. It is a unique piece and very difficult to find in this condition. Comes with the hard shell case.


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