Fender Stratocaster


This Stratocaster is one of the very first produced with a rosewood fingerboard. It is of course a slab board. The electronics are original, the pickups have been rewound long ago in Germany where it played for a while. The bridge pickup has been sliced but the solders and wires on the other 2 pickups are so clean you can hardly see it. Pots codes are 304 5946, the 46th week of 1959. The body and neck were refinished in black a long time ago, the original date 12/59 is still present in the tremolo cavity on the back and the original sunburst paint is still present in the neck pocket. It’s a very comfortable instrument, which has been played a lot, so obviously it has been refretted and a 5 way switch installed. The plastic parts are original with the exception of the selector button. Original saddles and tuners. The guitar comes with a Jazzmaster case from the same era that has been with it for years.


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