Fender Jazzmaster


This Jazzmaster from the second half of 1959 is in excellent condition. The fairly flat neck combined with the slab fingerboard make it such an easy guitar to play. The original finish is also quite typical of 1959, the red obtained with aniline dye most often disappearing from the sunburst simply by being exposed to daylight. The finish is original and without touch up. A cigarette burn must have been removed in front of the E tuner and a social security number etched on the back plate. The original pickups have a nice purple copper wire as it should be for 1959. No rewound. Undisturbed solders. The pots carry the codes 137 947 and 137 926 which gives us a manufacture dating from the 47th and 26th week of 1959 respectively. The neck is very well adjusted, not the slightest gap in the body cavity with the neck, it holds almost without the screws! No date on the neck, as usual from mid 59 to early 60. Perfectly setup. Original brown hard case.


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