Fender Deluxe 5B3


This is one of the best sounding tweed we’ve had. Ever. And as you can see we have a few at the moment. This one is especially good. It’s all original except the power transformer ( which has zero effect on the sound but will prevent you from blowing it up). Our amp tech Acouphonic, went all over it as usual replacing the few capacitors with the wrong values. It’s now ready to go and believe me when I tell you this one is good, it’s really good. A cool thing is the “Esper” sticker in the chassis, we see that sometimes in early 50s guitar. That’s usually the name of the person wiring the instrument, most of the time a woman. I tend to believe it’s meant for Esperanza.

Original output transformer. Original Jensen Speaker. Original tube chart and stickers. repro leather handle.


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