Airline Double Pickup Dual Cutaway


Sold by catalog by Montgomery Ward this guitar was made in early 1962, the first year the white color  was available. At the time it would have cost you $99.95 plus $10 to receive it by mail to your home. Valco, which built these instruments for around ten years, was a company founded by former owners and partners of the National Dobro Company. Their instruments can be found under many names, Oahu, Airline, Supro, National. They also made great amps. Guitars like this were often the first solid bodies that young Americans were able to play. Cheap and reliable, they have seduced a large audience, JB Hutto, Jimmy Reed for example or closer to us Jack White, Calexico, The Cure. This particular model is super playable with a low action and a straight neck. 2 volumes and 2 tones, a master and a 3-position selector. The pickups are not humbuckers despite their appearance, they are large singles, in the style of a P90. They sound great. The neck is straight, the guitar plays well. It’s all good. Comes in a modern hard case.


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