Del Vecchio Dinamico Brazilian Rosewood


What a find, this resonator guitar made by Del Vecchio is a little bomb. The Dinamico is an instrument popularized by Chet Atkins who appreciated its qualities, particularly for recording, with its sound that is both metallic and woody. As you can admire it is made of Brzailian Rosewood. It is therefore an instrument with a lot of projection but at the same time with a very delicate tone, especially on the treble side. Less growling than a steel body, it is a well balanced instrument. A little less sustain than on american models from the 30s perhaps but clearly superior to what was done in the 60s in the US. The mahogany neck is straight and the action comfortable. The original cone responds very well. The resonator biscuit is also made of rosewood. The tuners have been changed, this is the only modification made to the instrument. Nice design, it has rounded cat’s eye holes, this is not common, it is even the only Del vecchio that I have seen like this to date. Whether you record all types of music or are just passionate about resonator instruments, I seriously invite you to consider this one, you will not be disappointed. It is a rare and high quality instrument. In modern hard case.

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