Rickenbacker Electric Mandolin



This a once in a lifetime find, this true piece of history is one the first electric mandolin made by Rickenbacker. One of the first electric instrument ever made.

We can’t say precisely which year, but we believe it was made between 1934 and 1939 based and features like the metal plate and pearloid headstock. It is a fantastic instrument that sounds abolsutely astonishing. It’s fitted with horseshoe pickup with 6 poles and a vibrola tremolo.

Now this instrument was probably restored long ago: the lead wires were spliced, we also believe the fingerboard binding was replaced and that the instrument was overspayed. The tuners themselves look original but the buttons were probably replaced as they look a bit too white to be almost a hundred years old. It’s a very nice instrument and really easy to play. The frets are good. the neck is straight. It has no issues and is ready to play.

It travels in a hard case that fits very well.



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