Martin 1-21


This 1-21 from 1890 was repaired at Martin in 1899 by a certain Albin Voight who worked there. To what extent we do not know but it appears in the archives of the Martin museum with whom I had a correspondence and we even know that in addition to the repair, the customer was billed 2 dollars for the polishing !

This instrument arrived in France a few decades ago and underwent a second restoration, the head had separated from the neck. Body and neck are original but the headstock itself is not. This was perfectly executed and the black light does not even show any irregularities. It shines a lot, a sign that this was done a long time ago. It is an instrument of one kilo and 200 grams. So light. The tone is to die for, everything is beautiful, even what might sound out of tune on a regular guitar here takes on another texture, it’s an incredible music instrument that will be one of those who will have marked me. Modern case.


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