Martin 0-18K


Here is a rare 0 size model. This one is built with a beautiful and light weight Koa set. It’s a hundred years old guitar in remarkable condition. No crack on top back and sides. It does have a small split at the end of the fingerboard but I don’t think there is a need to intervene. It’s minor and has been like this for years according to one of the previous owner. It has a new saddle. The nut, the frets and the tuners are original. New bridge pins of course. The neck is straight and perfectly set. Action is 3mm at the E and 2,2mm on the e at the 12th fret. The neck profile is quite flat and thin with a soft V. Nut width 47mm. Feels great. Sounds great. Comes with a modern hard case.


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early 1961

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