Knutsen convertible


Here is a unique model made by Chris Knutsen, very creative luthier who never made twice the same guitar. This particular model is a convertible one. Very early in production, around 1909. It spent some decades in a Texas school, where no one was using it. I bought it and had Florian Chateau to restore it. He cleated a couple of cracks and reglued some braces but overall the guitar was in quite good condition. Tuners were changed for correct era waverly tuners and a couple of frets were added. Someone must have had the need for a couple of frets as the last few frets were not there.  The bridge may not be original we can’t be really sure. 2 screws are not original but the original bridge on the Knusten usually have two screws. Maybe only the screws were changed, who knows? It sounds amazing, quite close to a spruce top Kona but with its own personality. Very strong projection, great sustain. By the way this was probably the inspiration for the upcoming design of the Kona that came a few years later. Comes in a period correct case.


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