Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow



TV yellow !!

This model has its original paint which as you can see is very worn and even reveals the mahogany on the back of the neck. This guitar has been played a lot. You need to spend a few hours on your guitar to wear it like that. The fingerboard also shows the intensive use that has been made of this instrument, it has wear but the refret is excellent so this is in no way a problem. On the contrary the guitar is very easy to play. You will notice a splint around the electronic cavity, this part is quite fragile, it’s something you see on SGs quite frequently too. There is no movement or anything to do, no traces of glue injection either, the wood has just worked there. The pickups and all the electronics are original, with the two bumble bee capacitors. Sounds amazing. In original faux croco case.


Instruments apparentés

Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon

Octobre 1990

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