Fender Jaguar Sonic Blue


Jaguar custom color sonic blue. In the 60s if you wanted to buy a jaguar you could go to your usual dealer and buy a sunburst model or for a small extra charge and a few weeks of waiting you could choose a color like this: Sonic Blue. The original finish has aged and the guitar has a lot of nuances, and the least we can say is that it has played. The wood of the body appears in many places, on the edge and on the back particularly. It belonged to a rock fan, he played it and used it a lot, but he left it as it was. No element was changed, no soldering disturbed. The neck is really excellent, it’s straight and very easy to play. It dates from December 64 and the pots date from the 50th week of 1964. It is a rare opportunity to find an entirely original Jaguar in Sonic Blue, especially in Europe. The last one I know of sold for 25,000 euros in March 2023. The price therefore largely takes into account the condition of the finish. You won’t see one again any time soon, it’s actually the first one I’ve offered in 15 years.

It comes with its original hard case.


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