Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red


The Candy Apple Red appeared in the Fender catalog in 1963, replacing the rather unpopular Shell Pink. It is a magnificent and deep color obtained by applying a metallic undercoat and then a translucent red. This color was not available from car manufacturers at the time (Ford, GM, Chrysler…) it was especially popular on custom cars and only appeared at Dupont, the paint manufacturer, in 1966 .

The Jaguar here is an authentic factory origianl Candy Apple Red finish, Leo Fender’s favorite color. The color has almost not faded over the years and is still very bright and lively. All the solders inside the guitar are original which is important as you know, it is indeed necessary to desolder to separate the different control plates from the body of the guitar. A few rare dings but it is really hard to find a jaguar with cellulo finish in this condition.
The original pickups are well balanced (6.15Kohm for the neck pickup 6.20Kohm for the bridge).

The neck is straight and confortable. The frets are original and have plenty of life left. It’s a transitional model that features dot markers and fingerboard binding, something you see briefly just before the blocks are introduced.

The mute foam has been changed, they tend to harden over time which makes them unusable. This is the only change made to the guitar. The bridge cover is present which is rare. The vibrato arm is original. Original tuners. Nut too … everything is there.

The guitar comes with its period hard case, also in excellent condition.

It’s a rare instrument and in exceptional condition so don’t miss it, we probably won’t see one again anytime soon.



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