Fender Stratocaster Candy Apple Red


This beauty was purchased in France in May 1967 in Lyon and has remained untouched since then. It is truly rare to be able to get your hands on such a rare and original instrument. The selector for example is always a three  ways which is a very good indicator. This instrument bears the Fender factory applied C.A.R stamp and factory code 1019. This stamp is proof that the instrument was repainted and refinished at the Fender factory. The guitar is in excellent condition with wear mainly on the edge of the body, revealing the different factory undercoats: yellow primer, white undercoat, gold metallic paint with glitter and finally the red. All the knobs have an identical code: 18th week of 1966. The fingerboard is superb and without holes. The original frets are in excellent condition and the instrument plays wonderfully. If you have already read me here about 66 stratocasters you know that this is my favorite profile, all periods combined, with a constant thickness and a slightly flattened profile, it’s just perfect. All plastic parts are original. All metal parts are original, including the strap buttons. Original tremolo arm. The pickups are original of course and the guitar sounds really, really good: 6.17K at the neck, 6.31K at the middle, 6.32K at the bridge. The instrument weighs 3.3kg. Comes in a period correct European case, common for US imports given the price charged for a case at the time, many resellers preferred to sell their cases directly, we had many identical to this one by the past. Don’t miss it.


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