Dyer Symphony Style 7.5


What an amazing guitar. This harp guitar was made in 1908 by the famous Larson brothers for W.J. Dyer who owned a musical instrument store in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is an absolutely unique guitar in every way. The tone is so impressively deep and rich. It is also very responsive, you can immediately feel, even without touching the 5 sympathetic strings that the instrument is exceptional. Worthy of the Martins of the golden era. Its design and features cannot be found in any other similar instrument of the same era. Not having the tree of life on the fingerboard, it is not a style 8 but the mother-of-pearl binding being present around the body, it is not a style 7 either. So let’s call it 7.5. It was restored as after a century it needed some care. A new bridge plate and some cracks were stabilized on the top, 2 screws removed under the mother of pearl inlays of the original bridge. Few marks here and there of course. The tuners are also original. The instrument is perfectly playable, the neck is straight and the frets have plenty of life left . This guitar is a tremendous instrument. It comes with a rectangular and very protective hard case.


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